Fanlun Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.was established in September 2006. Its operating projects mainly focus on the sales of integrated circuit components. With its professional management capabilities, it has successively acquired many European and American brands in the Asia-Pacific regional sales agent and customer base. Mainly based on USB peripherals, IPC, DVR, NAS, etc., Panlun Technology is also the best choice for OEMs when purchasing materials. Understand that OEMs are currently in the era of price competition and delivery, providing long-term stocking services. Fanlun Technology's strong professional management team, and the experience and quality of professional managers are among the best in the industry. In addition, the technical team composed of professional application engineers and R & D engineers is the guarantee of professional technical support, providing customers with technical support and professional services of integrated solutions to create higher value-added products. In response to the rapid rise of the Chinese semiconductor market, Panlun Technology, in addition to the Taipei Headquarters, is currently deployed in Greater China and provides a more complete marketing network to provide customer service.
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